BJA consistently exploits the advantages of a streamlined and well-managed orga-nisation. The company excels by efficiency, flexibility and quick reaction. The goal is to establish itself as a full line OEM supplier in the hotly contested automotive sector of industry.


In close corporation with their international OEM customers in the automotive industry BJA designs and produces:

  • components with power switches for the inside of vehicles
  • power switch moduls
  • rotary type light switches
  • window lift pushbuttons
  • seat adjustment pushbuttons
  • hazard warning light switches
  • other individual switches for all kinds of function


BJA develops and produces switching systems and products in close cooperation with their international customers and strategic suppliers. BJA has build up a team of experienced and highly-qualified engineers excelling in the use of latest state-of-the-art technologies and forward-looking product concepts. Continuos investments in equipment and personnel have laid the ground at BJA for the engineering and supply of top quality systems and products.

Strategic Alliances

The formation of strategic alliances has enabled an optimal focusing and specia-lisation. Integrating process chains that exist at different partners all efforts are made to strive for a technology and cost leadership providing the conditions to build up a low cost site common to all partners.